Frequently Asked Questions

U.S. 公民或符合条件的非公民均可填写 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA),以确定是否有资格获得联邦援助. You will need an  FSA ID 完成FAFSA和其他联邦援助任务.

UIW is a summer header school, which means our financial aid year begins in the summer. 如果你要参加暑期课程,你需要FAFSA ends with the following calendar year.

For example: Summer 2021 will be on the 2021-2022 FAFSA which covers Summer 2021 through Spring 2022.


Oct. 1, 2020: FAFSA将于2021-2022年开放,并将使用2019年的税收信息.

Oct. 1, 2021: FAFSA将于2022-2023年开放,并将使用2020年的税收信息.


For example, if your courses end on April 27, 2021 you must complete the 2020-2021 FAFSA before that date in order to be eligible for aid during that cycle. 如果你的课程提前结束,你必须尽快完成FAFSA!

有资格在美国定居的学生, 被归类为德州居民(见下面的德州居民常见问题), 哪些人没有资格申请联邦财政援助  FAFSA , can complete the 德克萨斯州财政援助申请(TASFA). TASFA申请用于确定是否有资格获得国家资助的助学金, 哪一个是德克萨斯均衡补助金(TEG)高达3美元,300 annually.  一旦被威斯康星大学录取,请使用电子表格提交您签署的TASFA和文件   secure uploader .

  • Texas Residency Affidavit
    Must be notarized – the state has not authorized any leniency on this notarization. 然而,一些公证员确实提供网上公证服务. Contact a notary near you to verify options.
  • 父母签署的纳税申报表副本(如已提交)
    注:如果父母挣的钱足够申请, but did NOT file, you will not be eligible for TEG.
  • Male students only
    Proof of  selective service registration or eligibility for exemption.

没有资格完成FAFSA的学生有 other opportunities 申请援助,这些援助不依赖于FAFSA.

SPS学生通常全年都参加课程. Your aid will be divided evenly between summer, fall and spring semesters, 然后根据你的实际注册情况进行调整(如有必要). Students who do not attend the summer semester will have their aid divided evenly between fall and spring.

For example: If you are a junior/senior student, your maximum loan eligibility will be up to $12,500 for the academic year. 这笔钱将被平均分配到夏季, fall and spring semesters (approximately $4,167 each semester).

Yes! 你仍然可以填写FAFSA申请额外的援助.

Employer reimbursement and/or tuition assistance funds must be accounted for as part of your financial aid package, and any remaining eligibility can be filled in with grants and/or loans (depending on what you are eligible for).

如果你的雇主需要一个未付的发票来提交你的资金, you may contact the Office of Financial Assistance (OFA) to have the funds removed. 如果您需要稍后恢复,您需要与我们联系.

The FAFSA will indicate to us any amounts of loans and/or Pell grants that you have used. There are annual as well as lifetime (aggregate) maximums for each of these funds. Once you have reached the lifetime maximum, you will no longer be eligible for that fund.

Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loans: maximum of $57,500 total at the undergraduate level, maximum of $138,500 total at the graduate level (including amounts taken out previously at undergraduate or graduate level).

Parent or Graduate PLUS Loans:没有累计上限,但需要信贷审批.

Pell Grant: lifetime maximum of 600% (the equivalent of 12 semesters of full-time enrollment).

You should consider using student loans sparingly and minimize any refunds you are using for living expenses, 尤其是当你接近你的最大值时.

As long as you are enrolled at least half-time (6+ hours per semester at the undergraduate level, or 3+ hours per semester at the graduate level), your enrollment will be reported monthly to the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC). Most loan servicers subscribe to these NSC reports in order to update student loan statuses.

If you need your deferment updated sooner or your servicer does not subscribe to NSC, you will need to obtain an in-school deferment form from your loan servicer and submit it to the Office of Financial Assistance to be completed.

你的FAFSA会问你家里有多少人, and how many of those in the household will be enrolled at least half-time during the same financial aid year.

Your FAFSA will take into account that total number in determining your aid eligibility for the year. Having other family members concurrently in college does NOT cause you to lose any aid eligibility, 除非你报告的信息不准确.

If you have children in your household who are in college, you DO list them in the number in college. 如果你的父母在上大学,你就不要把他们列在大学的号码里.

All aid requires you to be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

作为一名本科生,你必须完成75%的课程并获得2分.0 cumulative GPA or higher.

作为一名研究生,你必须保持75%的课程完成率和3分.0 cumulative GPA or higher.

This includes ALL previous attempted coursework, whether you were receiving aid at the time or not. You must also (at either level) not attempt more than 150% of the number of hours required for your degree program.

如果您没有达到这些最低要求或超过150%的时间范围, we require you to go through an appeal process in order to possibly regain aid eligibility. If your appeal is denied, you will need to pay out of pocket or pursue private loan funding.

The Department of Education also monitors students who have attended and received aid at more than 2 schools in the past 4 years. 如果是这种情况,你的FAFSA将被标记为进一步审查. If you have not been receiving credit for the semesters in which you have received aid, you may be denied future aid depending upon your specific circumstances for not earning credit.

学生经常询问住在校外的经济援助. 这与住在亲戚家里不同, as it includes the additional costs of rent, utilities, food, etc.

经济援助是基于一个标准的出勤费用, which includes reasonable living expense amounts meant to assist you with covering those costs (not necessarily covering them completely). It is important to understand your direct billed costs (such as tuition and fees) and then plan for your other costs (such as books, housing and food). 您可以参考您的获奖信,并菠菜评级的办公室,如果你有任何问题!

What changes will be made to my bill?

When you are living off-campus, 你只需要支付直接费用——学费, fees, parking, insurance, etc. 您不需要支付食宿费用, 所以你欠uw的金额不包括住房费用. However, 你仍然可以使用贷款援助来支付房租, utilities, groceries and other monthly costs.

If the amount of aid you are receiving is greater than the direct costs billed by UIW, 您将收到退款支票(或直接存款), 如果你注册了电子退款,你可以用它来支付你的生活费用.

Living Expenses and Budgeting

Living off-campus can give you more flexibility in determining how much you will pay for such items as rent and groceries. 一定要制定一个现实的每月预算,包括你所有的开支, including cable, internet and other utilities. UIW uses a room and board budget that includes a reasonable budget for rent (based on nine-month double-occupancy) and groceries. 超过这个预算的费用将不会获得额外的财政援助, even if you choose not to have a roommate.

重要的是要记住,如果你有资格获得退款, 直到学期的100%退学日期之后,你才可以使用它, if your file is complete and you are meeting the enrollment requirements for your aid. 你必须相应地预算,以确保你不会错过任何租金, 在等待援助期间的存款或其他付款.


  • Length of lease:  财政援助是基于九个月的时间表, 但大多数租约都要求签订12个月的协议, 所以你可能需要在没有经济援助的情况下支付房租. 你必须为这些额外的月做相应的预算.
  • 保证金、迁入费及首个月租金:  In addition to the first month's rent, many apartments/leases may require you to pay a security deposit and/or a move-in fee at the time of signing. You may need to pay these expenses before the end of the current school year for the upcoming year's lease, depending upon your lease terms.
  • Start-up costs:  Many utilities, such as internet and cable, 可能需要保证金和/或安装费, if you have never had services with them before.

Helpful Tips

  • 注册直接存款,以加快退款过程. This is separate from your work-study/payroll direct deposit and can be set up through the Business Office.
  • Develop a reasonable cost plan for off-campus expenses and compare it to on-campus costs before making your final decision.
  • If you plan to have roommates off-campus, it is easier to handle financial matters if everyone's name is on the lease and utilities. Make sure your roommates understand how they will be able to pay their share of the expenses.
  • The Office of Residence Life provides a listing of nearby off-campus residences. 虽然UIW不认可或推荐任何特定的财产超过另一个, 这是一个获取信息的好地方,可以帮助你进行搜索.

UIW Scholarships

The University of the Incarnate Word offers a number of scholarships to international undergraduate students seeking their first degree. Contact the Office of International Admissions for more information. 其他奖学金的机会和标准可以在这里找到 Scholarship Resources webpage.

Additional Resources

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